Sources of Business Information

Finding information and answers to questions you may have about running a business.

Starting a Small Business
Starting a small business can be both challenging and rewarding – find out the reasons why so many people start new businesses each year, what the advantages of starting a business are, and why it may be the right time for you to become an entrepreneur yourself. This website outlines the key steps for starting a business…

HSBC Gives Advice on Valuing a Business
Understanding how much a business is worth – and how it can be made more valuable – is of vital importance to anyone buying, selling or simply running a business. Asset valuation, Price / earnings ratio explained…

Business Rates
Business rates are charged on most non-domestic properties, eg: shops, offices, pubs, warehouses, factories, holiday rental homes or guest houses. Find and correct your business rates valuation….

Business Information Provided by the Government at
Official information is available on a wide range of subjects of interest to business owners: eg. Running a Limited Company; Business Premises and Business Rates; Exporting and Doing Business Abroad; Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs… &

LAND SECURITIES – A Powerhouse in UK Commercial Property
The largest commercial property company in the UK and listed on the stock exchange FTSE 100. Founded in 1944 and became a Real Estate Investment Trust in 2007. Owns and manages in excess of 26 million sq ft of property. Updates and news from the company are posted here.

BRITISH LAND – Retail / Leisure / Office / Residential
One of Europe’s largest publicly listed real estate investment trusts (REITs). Own, manage and develop a portfolio of high quality properties focused on regional and local retail and leisure around the UK, and offices and residential in London.

Considering Franchising?
In simple terms, a “franchise” is an agreement between two parties which allows one party i.e. the franchisee, to market products or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party i.e. the franchisor. There are two types of franchise methods – ‘Business Format Franchising’ and ‘Product and Trade Name Franchising’….

CBI – Confederation of British Industry
The CBI is the UK’s premier business organisation, providing a voice for firms at a regional, national and international level to policymakers.

LOCAL AUTHORITY Commercial Property
Most Councils / Local Authorities have a range of commercial properties and land to let or for sale. To include: shops, industrial and storage premises, and offices. Take a look at Camden in London, or visit the Local Authority website in the location you are interested in…